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Terry towel series Sylt

This series was specifically designed for resisting high strain from frequent washing and drying. This is achieved by the double length and cross-seams and a special corner seal. Additionally, resilience was increased consciously by a tight basic fabric. An economic aspect is taken in to consideration as well. Shorter pile was chosen to fit a larger number of towels into the washing machine. Available in 14 solid colours. Also available in our matching stripe range.

Product Properties

  • Material: 100 % high grade cotton
Article Size Weight
Washing mitten 16 × 21 cm 440 g/m²
Soap cloth 30 x 30 cm 440 g/m²
Guest towel 30 x 50 cm 440 g/m²
Towel 50 x 100 cm 440 g/m²
Shower towel 70 x 140 cm 440 g/m²
Sauna towel 70 x 200 cm 440 g/m²
Bathing towel 100 x 150 cm 440 g/m²
Bathcarpet 50 x 70 cm 650 g/m²

Available Colors

Care Label

  • 60 °C washable
  • suitable for dryer

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