Polishing cloth and kitchen towel-super absorbent!

Our absorbent polishing cloth and kitchen towel takes up several times the moisture of cotton or linen. It is perfect for drying and polishing of glasses WITHOUT CHEMISTRY. You will love it!

Product Properties

  • Material 3pc pack microfibre polishing cloth and kitchen towel: 85 % Polyester, 15 % Polyamid
  • Material 5pc pack polishing cloth and kitchen towel: 90 % Polyester, 10 % Polyamid
Article Size Weight
3pc pack microfibre polishing cloth and kitchen towels 50 x 70 cm ca. 115 g/each
5pc pack polishing cloth and kitchen towel 30 x 30 cm ca. 34 g/each

Available Colors

3 piece pack

5 piece pack

Care Label

  • 95 °C – boil proof
  • suitable for dryer

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