Gilmore & Lewis: New look for the home

The Gilmore & Lewis design concept gives your home a new look. The design of all elements has been lovingly coordinated. The bright look, discreet stripes and fresh, floral print make rooms immediately friendly and inviting. The deco set is particularly attractive for living and dining rooms.

Product Properties

  • Material: 100 % PES
Article Size
Eyelet curtain Lewis ca. 140 x 25 cm
Eyelet curtain Gilmore ca. 140 x 245 cm
Sliding curtain Gilmore ca. 60 x 245 cm
Tablecloth Gilmore ca. 40 x 140 cm
Pillow case Gilmore ca. 40 x 40 cm
Pillow case Gilmore ca. 50 x 50 cm

"Fabric that moves"Joy & Holmes

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